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At 7toucans, we don't tolerate inappropriate activities or behavior such as spam, harassment, scams, and misinformation. We have Community Standards which outline activities that are acceptable on the platform and what is unacceptable and may be stopped.

When you report another member's content, they won't be notified who reported them, and you should no longer see the content or conversation that you reported on your feed or messaging inbox. We may review the reported content or conversation to take additional measures like warning or suspending the author if the content is in violation of our Terms of Service.


Currently, we don't offer a phone number for customer support. Some websites will advertise 7toucans phone support for a fee. These websites aren't affiliated with 7toucans in any way and we're proactively working on taking action on them. Keep in mind that we don't charge for customer support and we'll never ask you for your password or access to your computer.

fellow travelers

7Toucans provides the easiest way to connect like-minded people who dream of the perfect path to the perfect trip.


7Toucans, it’s about the social network and global online community. Take action and create groups of interests. Get inspired and start discussions on different topics.


7Toucans platform involves the ability to sell and buy travel services online. Travel agencies can offer their services up for auction and then award it to the highest bidder.

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